Terms and conditions / Pogoji poslovanja


We are more than happy that you have found us and think about joining one of
our tours. We are outdoor enthusiasts and would like to share our passion for
active life and outdoor activities with you. We want all our clients to enjoy the trip,
so we kindly ask you to take a moment thoroughly read the information provided

We do outdoor biking tours, not always 100% predicted and many times
dependant on the weather local changes, so it is very important for us that you
understand the nature of the activities. They could be sometimes demanding,
challenging but we try to do utmost to make them as attractive and satisfying as

We follow our 6 major rules:
• Safety First
• We are a Team
• We always respect and support the weakest member of our team
• We always use the best possible equipment and gear
• We protect the nature
• We connect people


Hereafter “Client” shall refer to the person or people named in the booking and
“BergMac” as any organisation or company that sells BergMac’s services through
an agreement with BergMac. By booking one of our tours (multi-day tours,
holidays, packages), making a reservation and submitting a payment, Client
agrees to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions:


Booking must be made via our webpage. All required data must be filled in. After
booking is made you will receive a confirmation mail with all necessary data for
further steps. Making a reservation for our packages via our webpage does not
mean that your place is secured. In order to do that you have to pay the deposit
first. This must be followed by full payment in accordance with Terms and

The required deposits and conditions are as follows:


Since we have to book the required accommodations and services in advance
based on the number of participants we are obliged to terms and conditions of
companies offering those services. In case of cancellation we must bare
cancellation cost required by those companies. Unfortunately the same applies for
canceled trips by our clients.

BergMac does the utmost to provide all services as described. However, since we
have to rely on actual weather conditions and possible changes of trails and routs
due to unexpected work or other activities BergMac will try to find the best
solutions, sometimes even on spot if not possible prior to the start. All this is
required to secure the highest safety level for you. Please understand that we are
going outdoor and into backcountry.


If part of a tour is cancelled by BergMac for safety reasons (weather forecast, trails
conditions or any kind of unsafe conditions, etc.) or any unexpected conditions or
reasonable cause, the tour will be postponed to a more appropriate day, time, or
location based on the given options. The tour might be also changed in the way to
meet expected standards and costs but at the same time offers similar client’s
experience if possible.

In case of major changes or cancellations of the tour booked by the Client,
BergMac shall inform the Client as soon as possible and provide him or her with
the following options:
• Client may accept a new departure date.
• Client may accept a replacement tour of equivalent or similar itinerary and
price range (without any additional payment).
• Client may cancel his or her booked tour and will receive a full refund of the
money already paid.


The Client has the right to cancel the booked activity or tour. All cancellations must
be submitted in writing to info@mtbgalaxy.com.
In addition Client’s notification by phone is appreciated, however, your refund
request will be processed according to BergMac refund policy (see corresponding
articles of this Terms and Conditions).


In case of cancellations made by clients the rules described in article 3 (Payment
and Booking) apply.

Please note the difference when only deposit or full payment has been made.

If the Client can not attend the tour, he or she may find a replacement with another
Client and notify BergMac with written notice to info@mtbgalaxy.com of
replacement Client at least 8 days prior to the start of the booked tour. In this case,
the Client, who can not attend the tour is obliged to pay only administrative costs
in the amount of 30 EUR. The refund of the payment (minus 30 EUR) will be
effected after the total payment of a new Client has been made.

No partial refunds are possible for any unused services including hotel rooms,
transport or uncompleted parts of activities if the reason for unused services or
preliminary end of the activity/tour is with the Client (exceptions may apply in case
of unexpected serious medical reasons, etc.)

If a Client has to be removed from a trip for any reason, he or she shall not be
entitled to any refund.

If the Client cancels activity/tour due to unexpected serious cause or serious
medical reason, which could not be avoided or foreseen by the Client, BergMac
can decide, upon review of the Clients’ proofs and all relevant circumstances, to
charge the Client only with BergMac costs related to the cancelled tour.

If a Client is removed from the group or any activity due to the use of alcohol and/
or drugs the request for reimbursement of money will not be accepted.
To get already paid amount of your travel (in case of cancellation) reimbursed, it is
highly advised you choose Trip Cancellation Insurance. Ask for more details at
your local insurance company.


Our tours are active outdoor tours where unexpected occurrences can happen.
BergMac will do utmost to keep the safety of all clients as high as possible but can
not avoid possible accidents of any kind. BergMac strongly recommends that all
clients have valid and comprehensive travel insurance which includes all
adrenaline sport activities.

Neither BergMac nor BergMac’s Partners can be held responsible for any liability,
expenses or losses Clients incur as a result of being inadequately insured.
Client expressly agrees to accept and assume all of the risks existing in activities
on a selected tour. The participation in activities on the tour is completely
voluntary and Client agrees to participate in spite of the risks.


All prices of our tours/packages found on our website www.bikegalaxy.net or
other media owned or controlled by BergMac include VAT, all are per person
unless otherwise specified. Price quoted are subject to change without notice until
a booking has been confirmed.

Since our tours can be booked well in advance BergMac reserves the right to add
additional costs when faced with similar changes requested by our Partners.
BergMac shall inform all clients about those changes.


Client is responsible for choosing a trip that fits his or her abilities, level of fitness
and health. If a Client needs any assistance or advice in selecting the right trip
BergMac will be glad to help. When in doubt please call us or write to
info@mtbgalaxy.com prior to booking confirmation. It is very important for us to
offer you the best and appropriate tour that you can enjoy the ride the whole time.

Every Client is obliged to notify BergMac. of any existing medical conditions
(physical or mental) and of any dietary restrictions or food allergies he or she
might be suffering from. When in doubt, Client needs to consult their physician
before confirming any reservation for activity with BergMac. The Client is fully
responsible to bring all necessary medications with him/her.


Clients with young children who have intention of engaging with adventures or
tours offered by BergMac should contact BergMac staff and consult with them.
All minors (anyone under 18 years of age) must be accompanied by an adult, who
is either their parent or legal guardian.


No drugs are allowed from start to the end of our tours. A Client is obliged not to
be under any drug influence including alcohol and will be immediately suspended
with no reimbursement if being found or suspected to take any.

BergMac reserves the right to decline a Client for joining the tour if suspected to
be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


By booking any tour or activity a Client acknowledges that the nature of this type
of tours and activities require flexibility and should allow smaller changes.
Itineraries are subject to alteration without notice and intended as a guide only.
Alterations may come about due to road or weather conditions, strikes, public
holidays, local festivals and cultural or other reasons. Due to the nature of the
terrain and remote areas, weather fluctuations can adversely affect road conditions
that may necessitate alterations to itinerary with little or no notice. Any additional
expense incurred by the passenger is not BergMac responsibility. BergMac can
give no guarantee as to the exact arrival and departure times for carriers and
operators used by BergMac in the tour and BergMac will not be liable for failure of
any other services or attractions beyond its control.


BergMac shall not be liable for any claims, damages, expenses or other financial
loss whether to person or property arising from any injury, accident, death,
cancellation, delay, alteration, or inconvenience resulting from any act of omission,
commission or inadvertence of any hotel, restaurant or other company or person
rendering any of the services included in the tour or its pre- and post- trip
arrangements, or caused by weather, sickness, strikes, or negligent acts of any
other trip members or any cause whatsoever beyond the control of BergMac.


In case of complaints or dissatisfaction with the services of BergMac, the Client is
obliged to immediately inform the guide about the reason of his/her complaint or
dissatisfaction. The guide shall, if possible, try to resolve the complaint
immediately. If this shall not be possible, the Client is obliged to inform BergMac
via email info@mtbgalaxy.com.
If inadequacies have not been solved during the tour and the complaint is
reasoned, the Client can demand a partial reimbursement of paid price. In order
to get the partial reimbursement of the paid price, the Client has to submit to
BergMac a written complaint within 14 days after the tour has been finished and
request the reimbursement of money.


For any additional information or help please write to info@bikegalaxy.si or call
us on the phone.


Rezervacijo je treba opraviti preko naše spletne strani. Vsi potrebni podatki morajo biti izpolnjeni. Po opravljeni rezervaciji, boste prejeli potrditveno pošto z vsemi potrebnimi podatki za nadaljnje korake. Rezervacija naših paketov preko naše spletne strani ne pomeni, da je vaša razervacija potrjena. Vaša rezervacija je potrjena, ko poravnate avansni račun (polog). Zaključek oz. preostanek plačila se mora izvesti v skladu s pogoji in določili poslovanja.


Ker moramo vnaprej rezervirati potrebne nastanitve in storitve glede na število udeležencev, smo dolžni določiti pogoje poslovanja podjetij, ki ponujajo te storitve. V primeru odpovedi moramo plačati stroške odpovedi, ki jih zahtevajo partnerji. Na žalost enako velja za odpovedana potovanja naših strank.
Podjetje BergMac d.o.o. (Bikegalaxy) se trudi naredi vse, da zagotovi vse storitve, kot so opisane v posameznih programih. Ker pa se moramo zanašati in prilagajati dejanskim vremenskim razmeram, lahko pride do možnih sprememb poti, sprememb zaradi nepredvidenih dogodkov na poti ali drugih dejavnikov. Podjetje BergMac d.o.o. bo poskušalo najti najboljše rešitve, včasih celo na kraju samem, če to ni izvedljivo pred začetkom ture. Vse to je potrebno za zagotovitev najvišje stopnje varnosti za vas. Prosimo, razumite, da izvajamo aktivnosti v naravi, ki je delno nepredvidljiva.


Če podjetje BergMac zaradi varnostnih razlogov (vremenska napoved, nevarnih pogojev na poti ali kakršnihkoli nevarnosti, ki bi lahko ogrozile varnost strank, itd.) odpove del izleta zaradi kakršnekoli nepričakovane okoliščine z utemeljenim vzrokom, bo program preložen na ustreznejši dan oz. termin glede na dane možnosti. Tura se lahko spremeni tudi v skladu s pričakovanimi standardi in stroški, brez zahtevanega nadomestnega plačila.
V primeru večjih sprememb ali odpovedi potovanja, ki jih je stranka (naročnik) naročila, bo podjetje BergMac d.o.o. naročnika o tem čim prej obvestil in mu posredoval naslednje možnosti:
Naročnik lahko sprejme nov datum odhoda.
Naročnik lahko sprejme zamenjavo enakovredne ali podobne poti in cenovnega razpona (brez dodatnega plačila).
Naročnik lahko prekliče rezervirano turnejo in prejme polno vračilo že plačanega denarja.


Naročnik ima pravico, da prekliče rezervirano dejavnost ali izlet, vendar v skladu s 1. členom te pogodbe. Vse odpovedi je treba poslati v pisni obliki na info@bikegalaxy.si.

5. NADOMESTILA (Vračilo plačila)

V primeru odpovedi naročnika veljajo pravila, opisana v 1. členu (Plačilo in rezervacija).
Upoštevajte razliko, če je bil opravljen le polog (avans) ali celotno plačilo.
Če se naročnik ne more udeležiti ture, lahko najde zamenjavo z drugim naročnikom in o tem obvesti podjetje BergMac d.o.o. s pisnim obvestilom na info@bikegalaxy.si o zamenjavi naročnika vsaj 8 dni pred začetkom rezervirane ture. V tem primeru mora naročnik, ki se ne more udeležiti ture, plačati le administrativne stroške v višini 30 EUR. Vračilo plačila (minus 30 EUR) bo izvršeno po opravljenem celotnem plačilu novega naročnika.
Za neizkoriščene storitve, vključno s nastanitvami, prevozom ali nedokončanim delom ture (paketa), ni možno delno povračilo, če je razlog za neuporabljene storitve ali predhodni zaključek aktivnosti / izleta stvar odločitve naročnika (izjeme se lahko pojavijo v primeru nepričakovanih resnih zdravstvenih zapletov itd.) .)
Če mora biti stranka iz katerega koli razloga odstranjena s potovanja, ni upravičena do povračila plačanih storitev.
Če naročnik odpove dejavnost / potovanje zaradi nepričakovanega resnega vzroka ali resnega zdravstvenega razloga, ki ga naročnik ni mogel izogniti ali predvideti, se lahko podjetje BergMac d.o.o. ob pregledu dokazil naročnika in vseh relevantnih okoliščin odloči, da naročniku zaračuna le stroške, ki so nastali in povezani z odpovedano udeležbo na aktivnostih.
Če je stranka odstranjena iz skupine ali katerekoli druge dejavnosti zaradi uporabe alkohola ali drog, zahteva za povračilo denarja ni mogoča.
Za povračilo že plačanega zneska potovanja (v primeru odpovedi) priporočamo, da si uredite zavarovanje za odpovedi potovanj. Več informacij lahko dobite v lokalni zavarovalnici.