ZIPLINE + SINGLE TRAIL MTB TRIP = Introducing a completely new concept for all you adrenaline junkies out there! Let us take you down a special single trail combined with an awesome zipline ride.



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ZipBike is a unique experience that only can be run in beautiful Soča valley. After 1,5 hour climb we arrive at the top of Kobariški Stol rewarded in a panoramic view of the majestic Julian Alps. We descend as if travelling through history on a century-old, preserved soldier trail from the First World War. Here we enjoy a flowy, seemingly never ending trail that serpentines its way towards the valley.

Then to add the cherry on top, we attach not only ourselves, but our bikes to the Zipline cable, where we fly over the Učja Canjon, over the untouched and inaccessible river bed below.

Once we guide you safely over two cables, we continue our tour on our last sweet piece of single trail, unique to only those who access it by the Zipline cables.

Duration: 4-5 hours
Climb: cca. 700 m
Descent: cca. 1200 m
Length: ≤ 30 km

Please note: A mountain biking is an outdoor adventure always influenced by many factors such as various group riding abilities, weather conditions, unexpected trail changes, etc. Since your safety is our main concern, our Bikegalaxy guides will constantly check these factors very seriously and make changes in itinerary when necessary. We strive to make your biking trip safe and joyful.