Flow Chicken

Flow Chicken


The perfect flow is what the entire Bikegalaxy crew is trying to seek out, so it would be rude not to share our favorite trails with you. Slovenia offers plenty of flowy trails that we will ride within a week and few hundred kilometers. This mountain bike guided tour includes some winding singletracks running through various landscapes with spectacular views and two bikeparks with cabin lift rides included in the price. The finish is filled with a few cult trails around Ljubljana, the nation’s capital. If you are looking for a flow the Flow Chicken is the way to go!

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Bike rental

In case you would like to rent a bike please let us know how many and what type you need and all the riders’ heights that we can provide the most suitable bikes for you. Rental fees will be charged separately.

Arrival day - airport pick up

We meet you in Ljubljana or at the airport and transfer you to the north part of Slovenia, to the village Jamnica, just at the border to Austria, where we will settle for three nights in Bike Hotel Koroš. Easy afternoon and evening, getting to know each other and talking about the following days.

Day 1 - Petzen Flow Blast (bikepark)

After the delicious breakfast and morning tea or coffee we are passing the border to Austria. We are going to enjoy the day in Petzen Flow Country Trail, which offers more than 10km of pure adrenaline flow ride and a fast cabin lift to the top of the Petzen mountain. Roller coaster feeling while riding downhill over the ramps, steep and S bends, jumps, tables.  (cca. 50 km and 5000 A – meters of descent)

Day 2 - Fantastic Jamnica

Thrilling single trails in park Jamnica run through the beautiful forests and the green pastures passing the farms offering picturesque vistas all around. Its a joyride for all levels and both all mountain or enduro bikes. (cca. 30 km, 800 A – meters of climb and 1000 A meters of descent)

Afternoon optional: Unique ~6km underground bikeride through some of the abandoned mine tunnels with our pratrners from the BikeNomad.

Day 3 - In the heart of the Julian Alps

Transfer to the north western mountainous part of Slovenia, to the lovely town of Kranjska Gora, situated in a picturesque valley near the Austrian and Italian border. Easy day, which means either a day off  (to do some self-organized hiking/walks/spa/etc) or easy bike riding – as much as we want. It is all about the local trails around the resort, we can also ride to nearby Planica, home of the world record ski jump. From Planica we return on some more singletracks back to Kranjska Gora. (cca. 20 km, 500 A – meters of climb and 700 A meters of descent)

Day 4 - Unforgettable ZipBike adventure

We will start the day with a shuttle over Vršič pass to the town of Bovec, center of the Trenta valley. It’s a day for true adrenaline junkies, who want something more. After 1,5 hour climb to the top of Kobariski Stol rewarded in a panoramic view of the majestic Julian Alps we descend  on a century-old preserved soldier trail from the First World War. Here we enjoy a flowy, seemingly never ending trail that serpentines its way towards the Emerald Soca river. Then to add the cherry on top, we attach not only ourselves, but our bikes to the Zipline cable, where we fly over the Ucja Canjon, over the untouched and inaccessible river bed below. Once we guide you safely over two cables, we continue our tour on our last sweet piece of single trail, unique to only those who access it by the Zipline cables. After the ride we can also do some sightseeing and chec the museum of the Isonzo front. Overnight in Kobarid. (cca. 30 km, 700 A – meters of climb and 1200 A meters of descent)

Day 5 - Krvavec flawless Flow (bikepark)

We spend the day in Krvavec resort, where we can enjoy countless rides in BikePark Krvavec or surrounding area. Trails start at the top of cabin lift, descending around 600 A meters each offering amazing views of Sorško Polje with the farming fields, villages and many many surrounding mountains. (cca. 35 km, 300 A – meters of climb and 3000 A meters of descent)

Day 6 - The Single trail capital

After breakfast we take shuttle to Ljubljana. Slovenia’s capital is encircled by a ring of rolling hills that are chock full of fast flowing singletrack. Trails that start just a short ride from city centre can be combined into miles and miles of pleasure and fantastic views of Ljubljana, the Alps and lush greenery all around. After ride we can enjoy some culture and gastronomic part of Slovenia’s capital. Transfer back to Hotel Krvavec. (cca 35 km and 600 – 1000 A – meters of climb and 600 – 1000 A meters of descent).

Departure day

We say goodbye to the Krvavec resort and descent down to the valley where we can reach the airport just after a short shuttle ride. Of course, if you wish to extend your stay in Slovenia, we will be happy to arrange everything you need to make sure your good times continue.

  • 6 days of mountain biking with experienced licenced guides
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 7 days fully catered breakfast and dinner
  • 2 x Bike park ticket (Petzen & Krvavec)
  • Transportation in an airconditioned van with a bike trailer
  • Transportation from and back to the Ljubljana airport. Transfers from airports Maribor, Zagreb, Trieste, Venice, Klagenfurt and Graz  are possible but subject to prior arrangement and surcharge.
  • Sight seeing as desired and information on the surrounding areas
  • Use of workshop for repairs
  • Second to none service with passionate staff

We use 3 star hotels, high end mountain huts or pensions for our accommodation. Price is based on double rooms. If clients want to stay in single rooms it could be booked but the price is higher.

We provide full mechanic service in our transport van. There is a lot bike shops in Slovenia in case that we need some special spare bike parts.

Where do we meet?

We will meet you in Ljubljana, Jamnica or pick you up at the airport. Transfer from Ljubljana airport  is included in the price. Transfers from airports Maribor, Zagreb, Trieste, Venice, Klagenfurt and Graz  are possible but subject to prior arrangement and surcharge. For information about transfers please phone +386 68 147 467 or send an email to: info@mtbgalaxy.com

How is it with cash and expenses?

The official currency in Slovenia is the Euro – €. Additional costs you may encounter during your stay: lunch (cca. 10€/day), souvenirs, drinks in bars, massage treatments in hotels, etc. Most places allow payments by credit card, but we recommend you visit an ATM machine and pay in cash. Tipping is welcome (if you are satisfied with the service), not mandatory. The usual tip is up to 10% of the bill.

How about the food and meals?

In all multi-day trips breakfast & dinner is included in the price. Lunch is the only meal that needs to be paid separately (around 10€ per day). Breakfast and dinner are part of the half-board lodging option at each hotel. Each day includes a lunch stop at a specially selected local restaurant, serving local home made food, friendly atmosphere and range of foods characteristic for the area. Other lunch option is buying food in the grocery store.  We kindly ask our guests to report any special nutritional requirements in advance (vegetarians, gluten free …) so we can notify the hotels and restaurants accordingly.

What kind of bike do I need?

The best bike for our trips is a good all mountain or enduro bike with at least 120 mm of travel. The bike should not weigh more than 16 kilos as there is quite a bit of uphill riding. Hardtails are always an option, provided your knees and back can take the punishment.

Can I Rent a bike?

Sure! We have a number of Mondraker and Trek bikes available for rent. For a full list of bikes, sizes and pricing contact us at  info@mtbgalaxy.com.  Bikes can be reserved upon booking to eliminate any chance of not having a bike ready and waiting for you when you arrive. Check out our bike rental options and prices: 2017rental_link

What spare parts for my bike should I bring?

Most bicycle spares and components are available for purchase in bike shops around Slovenia (for example Positive sports in Kobarid). But, to set your mind at ease, we recommend you bring the following set of spares with you:

  • rear derailleur hanger
  • one set of brake pads
  • chain (if your bike chain is older than 6 months)
  • 2 inner tubes (with the appropriate valve)
  • 2 spokes (appropriate lengths for your wheelset)
  • Shock pump (particularly if you ride a Cannondale:) )

You can also do away with worrying about spares altogether and rent a bike for the week.

What clothing do you recommend?

With the exception of May and October, weather in Slovenia is rather stable and not too cold. Expected temperatures in May and October are between 10 and 25 C and temperatures between June and September are between 15 and 30 C. Packing rain gear is always good as we cannot guarantee the dry weather. Some long sleeves can certainly come in handy.

What should I pack?

Clothing and accessories:

  • at least two cycling jerseys with short sleeves and one with long sleeves
  • padded bike shorts
  • bike helmet
  • knee pads (elbow pads optional)
  • sunglasses
  • bike gloves
  • rainproof jacket and pants
  • warm “civilian” clothing (fleeces, pants …)
  • swimsuit, towel
  • sunscreen and insect repellent
  • personal hygiene set (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo…)

Your riding backpack should carry at least:

  • 2 liters of fluid/day (hydration bladder or plastic bottles)
  • 1 spare inner tube (appropriate valve)
  • tools
  • pump

Plus any other stuff you can’t ride without (phone, camera etc.)!

What if I want to extend my stay in Slovenia?

No problem at all! Our guides can help you find lodging and activities with dependable agencies and friends all around the country. Contact us at: info@mtbgalaxy.com

Please note: A mountain biking is an outdoor adventure always influenced by many factors such as various group riding abilities, weather conditions, unexpected trail changes, etc. Since your safety is our main concern, our Bikegalaxy guides will constantly check these factors very seriously and make changes in itinerary when necessary. We strive to make your biking trip safe and joyful.