Bosnian MTB weekend adventure

Bosnian MTB weekend adventure


Bosnia has had a truly tumultuous past, but it is much more than just that turbulent country in the Balkans. It is a combination of beautiful, wild and untouched nature and that special Balkan charm. The people are wonderful, open and hospitable, the food is amazing, there is a tangible spirit of the ancient Byzantine Empire and the hidden trails are absolutely epic. It is the perfect place to explore new horizons. This magical melting pot is the true Bosnia that we know and love.



Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information on partial payments.

Day 1 - Arrival day

Afternoon departure from Ljubljana. Approximately 4 hours travel to Banja Luka. We cross two borders on the way, so travel times may be extended. Transfers to Banja Luka for guests flying into Bosnia (Tuzla Airport) or Zagreb Airport can be arranged. Dinner at the hotel is followed by a short meeting on our plans for the weekend.

Day 2 – Banja Luka adventure loop (Trails, food and natural Spa)

After breakfast and mandatory morning coffee at the Bajka bar, we take off for the day’s MTB ride around the remote settlements in the vicinity of Banja Luka. A combination of gravel roads, tracks and singletrack descents takes us to the Vrbas river and its natural hot springs (water temperature is approx. 31°C). After lunch and rest at the springs we continue our afternoon exploring the area. A climb to Banj Brdo provides a scenic view of Banja Luka and an exciting singletrack descent back to town. The MTB ride ends with a rakia and baklava in city centre. We invite you to read more in our story.

(Ride length: 25 – 35 km and 800 – 1000 m altitude gain).

Day 3 – Best of Banja Luka single trails (Shuttle day)

Shuttle day. It’s time for smiles on the uphill while our bottoms get the comfort of the van and our steeds take a ride on a mountain bike trailer. MTB descents in the Ponir trail in the direct vicinity of Banja Luka truly are something special. Natural trails flow and intertwine down the mountain as if they were made for a mountain bike. The varying difficulty and types of trails are sure to satisfy even the most demanding mountain bike riders. Most of the descents end in the city centre so food and drinks during and after the shredding are a given. We invite you to read more in our story.

(Ride length: 30 – 56 km and 3000 – 4000 m of altitude gain)

Day 4 – Secret Banja luka trails

After breakfast we take off to some amazing trails close to Banja luka. Once again you will be surprised how good the riding in Bosnia can be. After the ride we’ll take well deserved lunch with a toast to a successful weekend. Then it’s time to return back home.

  • 3 days of mountain biking with experienced licenced guides
  • Transportation from Ljubljana to Banja luka and back in an airconditioned van with a bike trailer
  • 1 shuttle day
  • 3 nights accommodation
  • 3 fully catered breakfast at hotel
  • Local grill lunch on Day 2
  • Sight seeing as desired and information on the surrounding areas
  • Use of workshop for repairs
  • Second to none service with passionate staff
  • Goodie bag

Rates are valid per person, based on double room occupancy.

  • Travel and activity insurance
  • Personal safety & cycling equipment
  • Dinners
  • All beverages with included meal
  • Any other items not mentioned as included
  • Supplement for single room 60 €
  • E-bike rental: from 40€/day
  • Bike-rental: from 25€/day


We provide full mechanic service in our transport van. There is a few bike shops in Bosnia in case that we need some special spare bike parts.



14. – 17 May
4.  – 7. June
8. – 11. October
  • When booking please select the appropriate date in the calendar. If you wish to book a trip outside the above dates, please contact us at

Where do we meet?

We meet at 16.00 in our office in Ljubljana. After a short introduction we pack our bags and bikes take a trip to Bosnian town of Banja Luka. Transfers to Banja Luka for guests flying into Bosnia (Tuzla Airport) can be arranged. We all meet at our hotel for a dinner.  After dinner we will have a short meeting where all tour details will be explained by your guides.

How is it with cash and expenses?

The official currency in Bosnia is the Convertible Mark – KM. 1€ is 1,95KM. Additional costs you may encounter during your stay in Bosnia: 2 meals per day (5-10 €), drinks in bars (1-2€). Most places don’t have payments by credit card, but there is a sufficient amount of ATM machines around the city. Tipping is welcome (if you are satisfied with the service), not mandatory. The usual tip is up to 10% of the bill.

How about the food and meals?

On our Bosnian package 3 breakfasts are part ob B&B lodging option. One day includes a lunch stop (on 2nd day lunch is part of the package) at a specially selected local restaurant, serving local home made food, friendly atmosphere and range of foods characteristic for the area. Other lunch option is buying food in the grocery store. We kindly ask our guests to report any special nutritional requirements in advance (vegetarians, gluten free …) so we can notify the hotels and restaurants accordingly.

What kind of bike do I need?

The best bike for our trips is a good all mountain or enduro bike with at least 120 mm of travel. The bike should not weigh more than 15 kilos as there is quite a bit of uphill riding. Hardtails are always an option, provided your knees and back can take the punishment.

Can I Rent a bike?

Sure! We have a number of DeVinci, Mondraker and Trek bikes available for rent. For a full list of bikes, sizes and pricing contact us at  Bikes can be reserved upon booking to eliminate any chance of not having a bike ready and waiting for you when you arrive.

What spare parts for my bike should I bring?

Most basic bicycle spares and components are available for purchase in bike shops in Banja Luka. But, to set your mind at ease, we recommend you bring the following set of spares with you:

  • rear derailleur hanger
  • one set of brake pads
  • chain (if your bike chain is older than 6 months)
  • 2 inner tubes (with the appropriate valve)
  • 2 spokes (appropriate lengths for your wheelset)
  • Shock pump (particularly if you ride a Cannondale:) )

You can also do away with worrying about spares altogether and rent a bike for the week.

What clothing do you recommend?

With the exception of May and October, weather in Bosnia is rather stable and not too cold. Expected temperatures in May and October are between 10 and 25 C and temperatures between June and September are between 15 and 30 C. Packing rain gear is always good as we cannot guarantee the dry weather. Some long sleeves can certainly come in handy.

What should I pack?

Clothing and accessories:

  • at least two cycling jerseys with short sleeves and one with long sleeves
  • padded bike shorts
  • bike helmet
  • knee pads (elbow pads optional)
  • sunglasses
  • bike gloves
  • rainproof jacket and pants
  • warm “civilian” clothing (fleeces, pants …)
  • swimsuit, towel
  • sunscreen and insect repellent
  • personal hygiene set (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo…)

Your riding backpack should carry at least:

  • 2 liters of fluid/day (hydration bladder or plastic bottles)
  • 1 spare inner tube (appropriate valve)
  • tools
  • pump

Plus any other stuff you can’t ride without (phone, camera etc.)!

Please note: A mountain biking is an outdoor adventure always influenced by many factors such as various group riding abilities, weather conditions, unexpected trail changes, etc. Since your safety is our main concern, our Bikegalaxy guides will constantly check these factors very seriously and make changes in itinerary when necessary. We strive to make your biking trip safe and joyful.