Our commitment

Step by step we are setting up a bike adventure agency which will make you want to come back. We believe we have to follow certain rules that define us as a team, as a company and as our commitment towards our clients. We want you to enjoy our guided tours and instead of thinking about logistic and how to arrange every detail of your tour to just focus on beautiful views, nature and biking instead. Let the organisational part of your trip be our job.


These 6 rules might sound simple but it takes a lot of effort and experiences to fulfil them. This is one of the reasons why we are here.


The 6 rules

Safety first

We are a team

We always respect and support the weakest member of our team

We always use the best possible equipment

We protect the nature

We connect people

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Safety First

Your safety and a safety of our guides are our main concern.


We do outdoor biking tours, not always 100% predicted and many times dependant on the local weather changes, so it is very important for us that you understand the nature of the activities. Sometimes they could be demanding, challenging but we try to do utmost to make them as attractive and satisfying as possible. Did you know that the nature is even more beautiful in rainy and foggy weather than in blue bird? It breathes differently, connects you stronger. You just have to choose the right clothings.


Our certified and experienced guides will evaluate the conditions on the way and make proper decisions to guide you safely to the end of your journey.


It is also important that before you start any outdoor activity you carefully choose the right insurance package (when we go abroad we usually take Alpenverein). Talk to your local agencies for details.


The last but not least, always, really always check the your skills and fitness level  and choose our packages wisely. I strongly recommend that in case of any doubt you contact us first and we will advise you carefully.



We are a Team

A good team can change everything, or as they say it can move mountains. In our case we rather ride them :). Up and downhill.


We strive to work with small groups from 6 to 14 bikers. It is then easier to connect and enjoy the rides.


We always respect and support the weakest member of our team

This is the important rule. First, it is not always easy to make homogenous groups. Secondly, one can feel differently on multi-day trip, so, it is important to set the pace accordingly or make the stops when necessary. What we do is not a race, it should be a nice adventure for all participants. If not, you just talk to your guide. However, everything starts with the right trip you have chosen according to your fitness and skill level.


We always use the best possible equipment

Outdoor means freedom. A chance to connect with the nature. However, nature can be sometimes harsh, windy, wet, cold…but also sunny, hot, humid and pleasant. So, Take care about your clothing and always take an jacket with you. There are mountains, rivers, forests and meadows here in Slovenia. Actually everything except the desert.


We protect the nature

We try to avoid indoor. We constantly search for beautiful outdoor. Backcountry paths, trails and roads. We look for woods, rivers, meadows and rocky walls to enjoy. We believe protecting our environment should be everyone’s goal. We always try to minimise our impact on the places we are riding. We will support projects that protect nature.


We connect people

This one is challenging. Why? Because people today mostly watch the screens of their mobile devices. And when taking a day off it doesn’t mean taking their devices away. In our case you can’t ride and messaging or surfing the web. Many times we ride places with no or poor connectivity. So, you focus on your biking friends. We talk, we laugh, we exchange ideas, we share our stories. During biking, during stops and in the evening when enjoying our meals. But a photo or two can also help to remember and to share your new stories later. This is why I said challenging :)