We spend so much time outdoor, mountain biking, exploring, meeting new people, discovering hidden trails and places and even making stupid jokes and falls that it would be a pity not to share at least part of them with you, folks.


So, the decision has been made late December last year to approach the new project with determination and focus as only a mountain biker can do. We decided to make different trips to hidden places around Slovenia. Maybe winter time will slow us down a bit but when the weather gets warmer (and not necessarily dryer) we’ll do that on weekly basis.


There will be four (4) different areas we will dive deep into them and search for highlights.




We are going to explore many hidden Slovenian trails and start collecting picturesque and interesting details on the road to bring them out as exciting stories written specially for you. All of them richly supported by photos and video clips made while riding. We want you to be surprised how beautiful and sacred Slovenia is. Out of bitten tracks and uphill and down again through forests, hills, meadows and across mountain creeks and rivers. We’ll make you start moving.




We will search for interesting stories about local people, their habits, local food and nice cosy accommodations. If possible, far from typical tourist locations. We will ask them to share them with you.



We are going to test different kind of biking equipment and bikes. We want to show you what really matters and how you can use all stuff when needed. How different the gear can be and why. We will ask our partners to help us get their stuff to be tested in real world and then explained in details to you, guys.




You can’ imaging how many things can happen on trail days like this. Many of them funny and exciting usually remembered only by the active participants. We don’t want them to be forgotten. We want to share them with you to see and understand the whole beauty of outdoor sport like riding your bicycle. Let’s laugh with us :)



We invite you to HELP us. Send us your ideas, locations or questions that fit into our stories. We will go out and make it happen. It would be great even to meet with you if possible.


Open your eyes and minds and let us know what should we do and where. It will be appreciated :)


Where you can find all stories in the future? We use Instagram (@mtbgalaxy), FB and our web page for sharing. So, stay tuned and follow us.