We have so many different voices and we all have stories to tell so welcome to our world of adventures.

Reasons to move to Slovenia

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First a short introduction. My name is Mark and I am a Dutch biker who moved from The Netherlands to Slovenia and...

A Weekend MTB Retreat in Bosnia – day 2

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Sometimes you left things open just to remind you, push you and hunt you so long that you finally make next step. This is why I put Day 1 (A Weekend Retreat in Bosnia) on my previous blog about our mountain biking trip to Bosnia.

Let’s make bicycle stories together

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New year, new challenges, new projects. It’s time to make another step forward to build up our business and to ask you to work with us

A Weekend MTB Retreat in Bosnia – Day 1

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Bosnia. The country in the middle of Balkan peninsula. A melting pot. A crossroad between west and oriental east. A historical place where different cultures, religions and nations meet, fight, live and grow together for centuries.

The 6 Rules We Follow

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Step by step we are setting up a bike adventure agency which will make you want to come back. We believe we have to follow certain rules that define us as a team, as a company and as our commitment towards our clients.

How I left corporate business

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This is a story about new beginnings and how you bring passion and business together. It is going to be personal. And it should be.

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